battle with the member above you!

Critical strike, @cynic1987 is stunned. Recovers with use of a nui stone!
Counters by lunching boxs of feral cats at @Festive-Alucus

@Festive-Alucus is caught off guard! One of the boxes hits him!
Meanwhile, I release Marendar on @cynic1987 !

since we have no canon information about marendar, @cynic1987
is safe!

i attack @rukah with with my last prism!


Ouch! I take the prism in my torso!
In a last ditch effort, I spray @Heyzorks with hot coffee while also unleashing a swarm of butterflies!

my weakness!

i leave the server to recuperate,
and send one of my underlings to attack @rukah

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I kill the underling, and then attack @Festive-Alucus with bees!

I gather Bees and send Nicolas Cage with a wicker basket on his head after @Heyzorks to scream and make funny Nicolas Cage faces at him.

my other weakness!
i leave the server to recuperate once more and
send a send a garden gnome to fight @Festive-Alucus .
a rapid fire garden gnome.

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The gnome quits because he doesn’t have any job benefits and forms a union with his gnome friends.

I fart in the general vicinity of everyone in this thread.


Your fart is ineffective because I was wearing a gas mask!
I shoot @SirKeksalot with a zamor sphere shooter.

oof! @sirkeksalot
is wounded!

i swing my legendary copper shortsword at @rukah

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My zamor sphere launcher blocks the sword, but is destroyed!
I pull a Cordak blaster out of my pocket dimension and aim it at @Heyzorks

360 noscope lol
i’m defeated.
what’s left of me skulks back to the shadows…
the kilted troll attacks @rukah on my behalf!

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The kilted troll knocks me over but I blast at him with my Cordak blaster.

@Eilrach meanders in and starts spitting on @Rukah

I kill @Eilrach

Ez game


You’re not allowed to use lethal force. Because of your war crime, @Krelikan shall be sentenced to be executed.


That would be a serious contradiction if it wasn’t for the fact that no power against me is lethal


well I started spitting at @Eilrach in retaliation!

big powah

i attack @Rukah
using a kanohi jutlin!

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