Battle with the member above you!

I stole the pizzas and ate them, and turn @Senit’s police car into a robot.

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Seeing as @Spiderus_Prime turned me into a Transformer I am now able to arrest @Rukah forcefully. And practically I have a proper body now, nice.

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After having the pizzas stolen from within my body, my indigestion is cured.


Uh oh!

Oh no!!! Since I don’t want to be arrested, I throw a storm of lewa swords at @Senit and run off.

Carrying @Ghid’s phone, I give chase, ignoring the questions being shouted at me from the guy at the pizza shop.

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Unknown to @DuneToa, I send ninjas who are actually turtles to killed him and stole @Ghid’s phone to order all pizza of the world.

I furrow my brow in willful confusion as I vainly apply an ice pack to my arm stub. Suddenly, an indeterminate number of Lewa Swords pummels me into the ground. I arbitrarily tag @Ghid for the sixth time since his last post.

“Ghid!” I involuntarily exhale the word into the soil as the wind is driven from my lungs by the impact, simultaneously justifying his involvement in the occurance. It is an onomatopoeia in this instance, and may still be arbitrary.

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