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A couple days ago at FanExpo Canada I got a chance to play the demo for 2K’s next big game.

Within seconds I was captivated.

Post your thoughts.

It’s ME!

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It looks very nice. I think I saw a trailer for this at Gamestop once.

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I think it looks great, I’m just afraid that it’s going to turn into a Destiny/Evolve money trap.

When I saw this ages ago I thought it looked rather cool.

Now that I have watched some more trailers and such I don’t know…

from what I’ve seen it looks like “pay to win” isn’t going to exist in this game, all 25 playable characters are available with the game that you buy.
honestly until the game comes out I say there is no reason to believe 2K is going to make the same mistakes as bungee

really? why specifically?

Well the game play doesn’t really excite me…

Bought the Game

the game to me, looks to have a similar artstyle to wildstar.

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“seven months later” has it really been that long?

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That backstory about the last dying star and civilizations, and that intro made me interested in this game.

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new Hero already

and Is a Waterbender