"Bayonicle" Pt. 1 of 6: Lewa

Okay, time for the most controversial and hypocritical art I've ever produced.

If any of you guys are familiar with the work of Michael Bay, than you're probably accustomed to the character designs he uses in his movies - the most recent example being his live-action summer blockbuster, Transformers: Age of Extinction. You guys probably notice how detailed and extreme the character designs in his movies are - they take an extra step to appear "realistic."

Now, I'm not a huge fan of Bay movies - well, I'm not a fan at all. They're bloated with action and contain zero plot, and they're definitely not aimed at the same age range the toys are. Nevertheless, something can be said for the enormously detailed Transformers, and I thought to myself - why not take this kind of detail and apply it to the Mata? And so, "Bayonicle" was born!

The first in the line is Lewa, Toa of Air. I tried to make him seem both muscular and lean - someone with beefy arms for swinging across the jungle and smaller legs for easy landing on branches. He has vines wrapped around him in multiple places to symbolize armbands, belts, etc, as well as a heartlight. I took inspiration from three versions of Lewa - the Mata, the Nuva, and the 2015 one.

Like his Mata form, he wears a normal Miru (well, normal except for the Symbol of Air tattoo along his right eye). He wears chest and shoulder armor styled after his Nuva ones. And most importantly, he features a CCBS aesthetic, double axes, and, of course, the infamous dreadlocks pouring over his chest and shoulder.

Let me know what you guys think of Part 1 of 6!

(Done with #2 pencil on lined paper)


It's a good drawing, don't get me wrong, but he looks like a Predator wearing a Miru.


XD Maybe it was my subconscious mind at work stuck_out_tongue

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Too manly to be Lewa.

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More of a Tahu


Looks pretty cool to me. Maybe it should have just been skinnier. But, if they made his set look like that, I'd buy him.

People have a point by saying he looks too much like Tahu (I would have said Onua...) but perhaps we could all just pretend it was Tahu wearing a Miru and holding an axe.

But, I would love to see more of this. smiley


Is it possible for this to ever continue?


Given that someone is still interested in this, perhaps - but if it does, I'll do a retconned edition of Lewa and color them all in stuck_out_tongue

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please do it!

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Sweet! he just seems too...organic..and buff...HE IS NOT LEWA!

10/100 needs more explosions /s

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