Be careful of #DeleteArt13

Every small bit helps.[quote=“KAI_BORG, post:20, topic:45179, full:true”]
It’s really not.

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This is literally fear mongering, read any of my links, they explain this better than I can.


I think you’re going a little out of your way for this my man. I just signed a simple petition that I’ll forget about within 2 weeks.

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- Language warning

Read the entire post, see what you signed.

B-but the post has a link to the petition too???


read down

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Aw shoot.

Btw probs should put up a swear warning my B.
Like in the OG post where you put the link

Oh crap… Literally somehow passed over that every time I read it… Effin… doing that warning now.

But hey, glad someone else read it fully!


So the post I made Isn’t true.

God, I feel embarrassed. Thank you for telling the truth.
And I sensity apologies.

I will edit the post to inform that it’s fear mongering later this day. And that i fell for it hook line and sinker.

Ey, it was a legitimate scam thing-a-majig, literally around 30 000 tumblr uses also fell for it, the fact others on other sets have to isn’t surprising in any way.

Hell, I would’ve fallen for it when I first saw it if I hadn’t noticed some of the later posts in the chain quick enough.

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I’m back.
I changed the post to warn people about #DeleteArt13.

So hold on a minute. Europe isn’t going to destroy it’s internet?

Europe will not kill the internet. So be at ease.



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Fell for this too and kinda shared it on facebook Hopefully nobody signed the petiotion and I have since your update removed my post

Luckily petitions don’t seem to work most the time anyway, so whatever it’s going to cause now, it probably won’t happen.

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coughcoughBetter not mention the 30,000 tumblr users then.coughcough

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Now I feel kind of stupid for half-falling for this.

######Especially since first time I saw it I thought it was BS…


I’m really sorry to all.


It’s all good. Anyone could have fallen for it.

Especially since governments doing stupid things is common place in the world today.