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This is the discussion topic for my Beast Chronicles series.

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I will be using this topic to answer any questions anyone has about the series. I’ll also post about how I came up with the series, and what I based various things in the series off of.

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Okay then! Now that I got that out of the way, let’s get started!

Now, the origins of this series were when I came up with Fan-fiction for the Spyro videogame series. I created a story that followed the events of Spyro: A Heroes Tail and its sequel, Spyro: Shadow Legacy. Eventually, I decided to scrap a large chunk of the story, but held onto my favorite original characters. So I was left with multiple characters that had ONE thing in common; they were, um… Well, uh… How could I describe them? They were each a…Thing… I had basically created creatures that even I didn’t know what they were. Eventually, I adapted the creatures into a species known as “Mutant Dragons”.

Before I can explain Mutant Dragons, I must explain the story’s setting. Basically, the world is in a universe where the events of the original Spyro series and the Legend of Spyro series BOTH happened (Not Skylanders though; I don’t play it, nor do I want to). The way I explain it is that The Legend of Spyro Trilogy PREDATE the original series. Now, to leave some stuff for people to interpret themselves, the main character of both series MAY OR MAY NOT have been the same individual; But, I won’t be saying ANYTHING about it, so it’s up to your imagination.

In TLoS, purple dragons have a power that other dragons don’t (Put simply, the purple dragon is the Avatar). The first purple dragon (Malefor) became the series villain, but very few details were given about his past. Using this, I decided to expand on it. (Read the first section of the story for more info.)

Mutant Dragons are exactly what the name implies, Mutated Dragons. Dragons only have access to one element (fire breath, ice breath, etc. For list of Elements go to the Artwork Topic.), but Mutant Dragons have two. On top of this, Mutant Dragons are virtually immortal, as they are strangely immune to disease, possess an extremely LONG lifespan, and most of them don’t need to eat or drink anything.

I’ll post character inspirations later.

And as always, I don’t care how ridiculous the question is. Ask away!

Inspired by Bionicle:

Nidico & Kreken -

Botar -

Nocturnal -

Inspired by Pokemon:

Garkaiko -

These three -

Inspired by Megaman(Battle Network & Star Force):

Blaster -

Timberhawk -

Patraz & Samarian -

Greger & Falzer (Oldest character design out of all of them) -

Turuko (Narrator) -

Beo -

Leon -

Charger -

Draco -

Saruno -

Zarkuno -

Ninjunos -

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