Bedax and Tquke (LDD)

From my last digital designer MOC, I stated to take a break until the next update dispite working on a video game boss MOC. But I got bored and put it on the "fridge" and made this.


Bedax are massive insect-like that are the polar opposite of Holpidan by their appearance, however they work side-by-side. Their commonly orange and they are the 3rd largest creatures to server the Rainbow Tryrant

Side Views:

The one thing to note is that they can clip another begin on their "Carpus"

It can separate if it needs to.


These drones(their not robots) have strong agility and can hold half the weight of a Bedax.

And just like Holpidan, they are color-coated.

And theirs more of them


I like how you used the IFB jumper head shells for the drones

Okay, they all look very cluttered, but I honestly believe that each piece on there gives it a little more personality! Good job!

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So. Much. PURPLE!!!

My LDD skills are ashamed of themselves.

Pretty wild color scheme, not that that's a bad thing. Apart from that I really love the amount of character in their design.

These guys are really cool! Bedax looks a little all over the place and he has quite the color scheme (well, all of them do). And the color scheme's not bad, not at all, I love it. Tquke is really awesome, nice build and all.

Overall these two guys are pretty dang neat, I'd love to see a real life build of them.