Beefed up! Beef 3.0!/Niku (Proper Self-Moc)

Flamethrowing hunchbacks are for scrubs.
Mini-Beef's are for scrubs.
Stag horns however, are not.
I'll call him Niku (Japanese for Meat).
Toa of fire or Ripe Mango Fanta. Somehow.
EDIT: Rotated images yay!

Beef objects, your argument is invalid to the power of Mango Fanta.

Obligitory Back shot.

Normal, boring shot.

Ripe Mango Fanta Scythe Mode.

Something of a side view.


The shoulders need something more.

Maybe in the holes on the Glatorian Necks, put a Matoro Mahri shoulder armor? Or something there.

The Clawed foot for the crotch looks weird. I recommend finding some sort of other armor to put there.

Same can be said of the upper leg armor.

The shoulders are fine, and the lower limbs look basic, but okay.

I like how you did the Stag Horns as well.


The colors are good with brown the black silver and grey. It's a bit of colors but they are evenly distributed and looks good overall.


Really cool moc. Has some flaw such as color placement but the body is so cool and complex. I love this moc and don't forget to keep on mocing.


The parts connecting the arms to the body are a bit wierd
the upper legs armour is a little outta place
but thats about it

Good job m8

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Who started with the whole obligatory back shot thing? I seriously can't remember...

EDIT: Ugh, never mind, it was @Nyran, the guy has done too much I tell you.


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I did it for the sake of angles and because I thought self-aware was cool.


All in the power of the /s. But yeah, another thing attributed to you.

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This kinda looks like the classic "puzzle build." If it looks like it fits, put it there, if it doesn't fit, try to make it =P

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and if it really doesn't fit, get the hammer.



does he remind anyone else of

this guy, from LoZ:Twilight Princess?