Beings With More Than One Element? (BIONICLE)

Hello Greg,

To start, I’d like to reiterate what many others have already stated by saying it’s a real treat to have you here and answering questions! Your time and creative thoughts are highly valued!

My first (of a probable and eventual many) question is; Was there ever any thought​ on any beings in the MU existing with multiple elements outside of the Takanuva/Teridax fusion and the 2006 Toa whom were partially of the Lightning element? For instance, in the MU, could a being of Fire/Shadow or Water/Sand have existed?

If you do happen to read this or respond, I greatly appreciate your time in doing so!

(PS. Other than George Lucas and a few others, you are and have always been in my top 5 favorite writers, your work is an inspiration)


No - I can’t recall us talking about that.


Thank you for your answer!

I’m not Greg, but I do remember Kraata-Kal having control over Fire, Water, AND Shadow.


Also, Prototype had control over Fire and Earth, however neither Kraata-Kal or Prototype were created by the story team, they were both from the Dark Hunter contest.

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I seem to remember reading that though the models were fan-designed, Greg came up with their story?

Adapted, the concept was most likely from the creators of the models, however I am not sure.