Belial, Chief of Demons

Back in the friggin saddle, hey guys! Sorry i havent really been posting mocs, laziness :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, this is belial, hope you enjoy the moc (holy crap half decent backdrop and lighting although it still sucks wooooo)

Bio- Belial is, or better yet, was, a manifestation of the emotions of Echos villiage. With each new generation, there is a new Belial. After his villiage was attacked, and the death of his family, Echo was the final push to make Belial achieve a physical form, and so, they call themselves brothers. Anyway, lil kid echo was on the verge of death. He needed to live, so, belial offered him a deal. He would be granted eternal life, but in return echo needed to destroy okoto. Belial wanted to watch the world crumble around him, he didnt care who or what it was, it needed to die. (Warning: Religious things are about to come into the story, and its pretty edgy too. So, yeah) Echo foolishly agreed, but ill get to echo another time. Belial slowly realized he was weakening, his body was temporary, he was going to die, After a bit, Satan, yes, the one from the bible, recognized belial. They discussed a bit, and satan offered to make belial his actual, biological son, this involved taking his soul and pretty much implanting it into a woman whom Satan impregnated, nine months later, lil baby belial was born. And thats about it. Pretty edgy and cliche i know (like all of my story :laughing:)

Heres some shots that didnt make it in the video, enjoy!


The body looks a tad cluttered in general, but overall, he has a nice look. Good job!

Was this in the RP?

Anyway this looks amazing.

Yah, remember eric talking about satan and belial getting mad? And thanks dude

@Doot.r Thanks, i may try to fix that

@SonicBionicleMaster Thanks

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The overall moc looks great and the colors work well

this actually looks pretty good


@1000Purse30 thanks!

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Hey, this is a neat MO…

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I’m so sorry :laughing: but I mean hey my self moc speaks with god in one part so I think it made sense for a good vs evil thing, also, it’s not supposed to be a serious moment, they get drunk :laughing: and I realize that makes it sound worse

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Looks really neat.