Besiege, for those of you who don’t know, is a sandbox style PC game where you build medieval style vehicles and contraptions to complete certain levels. There’s also a sandbox level.

Here we talk about the game, and post pictures of cool creations you’ve made. You can also use this website to share the things that you’ve made. Be sure to leave a link in your post.


Hilarious, if gory. Especially when I unleash the rotating knife machine on the queen’s fodder. The maniac’s Minecraft. I love this game :grin:

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A fun game that lags out my laptop whenever I enter sandbox mode. I enjoy besiege never the less.

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Sounds cool. Mind vegging a picture?

That’s what the time manipulation is for.

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I can do one better than that.

This is actually the 6th version, and I’m planning on a 7th one based on what I’ve learned from this one. It mainly needs improved handling and I need to find some way to make it less likely to ‘lose its teeth’ so to speak.


I actually made one of the most famous helicopters in this game back in the day. It is now at 70k+ downloads on the site that I uploaded it to, but was uploaded to the steam creations thingy by several other people…

It can be found on “Besiege Downloads” on the most popular tab.


Cool. I’ll be sure ti check it out.

When you’re running at like 5 frames per second. It’s not even worth playing anymore.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work anymore, since an update. It just needs a few pieces swapping to work now though.

Well I never need to slow it down that much.

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