Best Animated Feature

For the first time in years, the Oscars manage to have a good lineup for Best Animated Feature.

Boy and the World
Inside Out
Shaun the Sheep
When Marnie Was There

Of course we all know they’re gonna give it to Pixar. Boy and the World was my personal favorite.

What are your thoughts?

Haven’t seen many animated movies recently, but I do think that, if Inside Out won, it deserves that title. The visuals were good, the story was decently compelling, and I feel they accurately portrayed Riley’s reactions to events in her life. After all, they did consult psychologists n such.

But Boy and the World, maaaaaaaaaan!

Have not seen it, so I can’t say anything about it. Might look for it on Netflix or something if it’s up there.

It must win ;-; i love Charlie Kaufman and hes made my favorite film Synecdoche, New York

peanuts should have been there, this is just as bad as when the lego movie was snubbed

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Twas a pretty good movie, but didn’t really grasp me like Ghibli’s other features.

@trev44 While I enjoyed Peanuts, I wouldn’t put it in the same boat as Lego movie. Plus, compared to the other five, it’s clear why it wasn’t up.

@Waj And yet it’s still great. That magic of Ghibli.

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Well, the only one on this list I saw was Inside Out, and it was decent, so I think I’m biased.

I really enjoyed the shaun the sheep movie - Like really enjoyed it. Aardman did a fantastic job.

To be honest, I have never seen any of these movies. But I heard Inside Out was the best film out of all of these, so I pick Inside Out.

what about the Batman Beyond movie?

or Under the Red Hood?

Assault on Arkham?

I think this pertains exclusively to this year’s films.

Bad Blood?

(the only animated movies I watch are comic-book related, sooooo)