Best BIONICLE Fansites?

Hey, everyone. I was just looking for advice on which BIONICLE fansites are the best, whether it be for fanfiction, MOCs, discussion, etc. I'm already a part of the Custom BIONICLE Wiki, MOCpages, and here on the forums, but where else can I go?

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Well, there's BZPower (which a lot of people tend to hate,) Flickr, and DeviantArt that I know of.


You and Hawkflight basically summed up all the sites that are out there. BIONICLE A-Z and Solis Magna are worth mentioning, but they are near inactive.

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You guys are here! Awesome! Wow. BIONICLE fandom now seems a lot smaller than I previously thought 😂

There's just not a lot of sites out there. The community seems to have shrunk after BIONICLE G1's cancelation and when most of Biotube's contributors left Youtube.


IKR?! I've been scouring YouTube for quality BIONICLE videos, and I can't find anything. I used to think kylernuva135 was amazing, what with "The Brutal Mission" series and all. Now? It looks so primitive.

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As much hate as BZP gets, they really are a big supplier to the community.


I haven't spent much time there, but I may check it out when 2015 comes around.

I know how you feel. The reason why there isn't many quality BIONICLE animations out there because they are considerably hard to animate.

I agree. I've tried, and it is very hard. I hope someday someone will work really hard and get a great series going. But I guess that's wishful thinking stuck_out_tongue


Amen. I would love for someone to make a tutorial on how to animate walk cycles for BIONICLE figures.

YES. That would be amazing.

Now you can learn a few tips from watching behind the scenes videos of Spidey406's BIONICLE Wars.

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I'll check him out wink

The story's not a Hydros Chronicles, but the animation is superb in BIONICLE standards.

Hey it's you!

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Who? Me?

No, I meant LoganDub

Theres also one on reddit if your interested

Hey! Who are you exactly? Lol