Best Joker Mini Figure

I was just wondering what your guys’ favourite was cuz my bud is making this brick film and is trying to figure out which one to use

Who is?

Is the Joker making a film?

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I don’t know what you are trying to say about this is my favorite Minifigure version of the Joker, because he didn’t have white Minifigure hands.

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The LBM one.


The LEGO Batman Movie Joker is by far the best Joker incarnation I’ve seen from LEGO.

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I’d go with the classic Joker, if only for the hair:


Yeah i agree with these. the other joker minifigs look strangely ugly IMO


That is a hard choice… I love the original Joker minifigure from 2006 as it is so nostalgic to me. On the other hand I also like the Joker design from 2012 up and I defenitely love the LBM interpratation of the character.
I don’t really like the face of the dark knight version though… it is just weird (imo).
In the end I think I have to go with the classic one (2006) but the LBM version is on a very very close second place.

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Sorry autocorrect totally screwed me over there lol