Best Of LEGO Bootlegs

Just buy them. Not buying them just because of who made them only hurts yourself.


I don’t buy them because I don’t trust shady sellers, if I had irrevocable proof the sellers were responsible, I’d go for it.

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What does shady mean? Like, what’s the risk?

Many people I’ve talked to have said the product either never shipped or shipped broken without a refund.


Shady as in ripping you off or plain old never having said item to sell? I haven’t had any problems with bootlegs other then the obvious variation in quality and even then I haven’t ordered one that was complete ko quaility.


You will always get your money back. 100%. There is zero risk to you.

I’ve had this happen already on AliExpress. Twice. The seller marked the item as shipped and even had a tracking number. But it never entered the tracking system. So either the number was fake or it got lost/stolen before it was scanned in. You have the option to get a refund or have them re-ship. In the first case, I just asked them to ship it again. Not only did they send it right away, but they also included an extra set for free. In the second case, I felt like they weren’t responding fast enough to my concerns. So I just requested a refund.

But let’s say you don’t trust AliExpress to refund you. Your bank 100% will. Every time. The Fair Credit Billing Act of 1974 guarantees that your bank has to refund the money to you within 72 hours unless the merchant can explicitly prove that you received the item in perfect condition. Since a seller in China could never prove that, your bank will side with you every time and refund your money.

Edit: I originally listed the wrong banking law.

Edit 2: I forgot about a 3rd time this happened. They shipped me the wrong set. I sent them pictures and they said they no longer have the one I wanted, so they sent that one instead hoping I’d accept it as a substitute (lol!). I said that I wanted a refund and that I would ship the wrong one back if they wanted it. They said that wasn’t necessary and just gave me the refund. So I got to keep the set and still got my money back.


Well, now I’m interested.

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Received a new CCBS bootLego set today from AliExpress. This one is the Ninjago green guy.

The plastic quality is the best I’ve seen in a bootleg set. You seriously couldn’t tell it’s not official. It’s got the right weight, molding, color shade, and tight fitting joints you’d find in an official set.

The crank wheel in the back makes his right arm swing up and down.

The reason I bought this set specifically was for those green hands and shells. Lego doesn’t make those parts in that color. The other Ninjago sets like this come in standard colors of red, white, and blue. Much less interesting imo.

I believe the final cost with shipping was $7.88.

Edit: for those curious how this green compares with Official green, take a look at this comp pic. Definitely matches the new Lewa green rather than the original green.


The face scares me, but other than that it looks pretty cool.


Deadpool has arrived

Close up of the chest. Graphics are crisp and perfectly printed on.


Crank wheel swings both arms up and down in a chopping type motion.

Plastic quality is totally fine. Not quite as good as the green Ninjago guy I just posted. But pretty close. Joints are tight and the shells clamp onto the bones perfectly.

Considering that these figures are only $7 including shipping, how do you not buy them if you like the characters? You can’t even get lunch for $7.


They actually look great.

Black and Blue Friction caps! BLACK AND BLUE FRICTION CAPS!!!

Light grey too on Iron Man; haven’t been paying enough attention to know if we already have that.

I’d kinda like a Bootleg CCBS Iron Man with copper and metallic gold parts. Two colors Lego no longer makes that I wish they still did that’d look good on Iron Man


So I recently got one of the new Lego Spidey sets, specifically the one with Spider-Gwen (I don’t care if she’s called Ghost Spider now. That name is stupid and doesn’t work for her). I decided to compare the official Lego Spider-Gwen with the bootleg I got some years back.

Bootleg’s on the left, official’s on the right.

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Here’s some hot garbage. Not even a spot for the minifig.

Also can’t tell which side is the front and which is the back.


Huh (*)

A’ight. (*) (**)

Hehehe. (*)

Ahahahaha! (*)

From what I can tell/gather these all are typically of low quality, but just the character choices! Haha!


I want that gundam

There’s like, multiple choices too.

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I would buy that Saitama fig.


Ngl I really dig this CCBS Starscream KO just for the sheer Mocing potential this has.