Best Of LEGO Bootlegs

I’d use the mask. Not much else.
Maybe the weapons.


Yeah, I do like the mask.

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I’d find a way to use those lower legs and armor.

Those pieces have already been used in MOCs multiple times before, especially the mask.

This really doesn’t look that bad, except the plastic quality

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I’ve been searching for these for months. Have you found them for sale somewhere? If so, please share the link, because I will. . .


They might be on Ebay. Just search “masters of Disaster Doomsday”

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I found one just now on Amazon. I snapped it right up.

Looks like there were 3 others in the series. I’ve gotta find these somehow. . .


I want that yellow mask on the left.

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Interesting, I have seen all those masks on Shapeways.


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If anybody ever finds these for sale, I would be eternally grateful if you PM’d me a link. I will even give you a finder’s fee.

Stuff like this, while not valuable in terms of actual cash value, is super rare. So I try to collect as much of it as I can.

Edit: Just now I was also able to track down the red one, Creepy Crawler. Looking for the two yellow ones now, in case you find them.


I personally would love that keetongu knockoff on the right.

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They all look pretty well built (except the red one), even though maybe they are not as stable as they look.

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I’ve read reviews of them. Apparently the plastic quality is not so great. And that the molds are not perfectly compatible with Lego. But I still think there’re some sweet parts in there that’ll look good on MOCs.


… I actually have the armour for all 4 of these due to winning an ebay bid from an acquaintance of mine out on DA. No parts though, they were too… ‘fragile’ for him to decide to keep (which kinda sucked seeing as how I at least wanted to test out their lower limb pieces, but beyond that, very worthwhile buy).

Addendum: If anyone asks, no, I will not be selling them anytime soon.


I’m a bit jealous, I gotta be honest. I was able to track down the blue one and the yellow one. I find them very, very difficult to assemble though, because the molds are rough. So the pins and axles just don’t fit half the time. Too much flash on the parts. Maybe I’ll post some pics.

But have you guys ever seen Neo Shifters by Mega Bloks? They came out around 10 years ago, so they were competing directly with Bioncle. And I gotta day, they are pretty incredible. I never even knew these existed when they were out. Take a look:

There’s a mini bot in that chamber in the chest.

And it transforms into a jumbo Bohrok!


I used to have one of these, it was a mini bot with a blue and yellow vehicle that transforms into a ball. I must admit I wish I got more from the line.

Huzzah! I have found an image of it.

It might not be the best image, but this is what I had.


I found them on eBay. They’re pretty pricey ~ $25 each. But man, are they cool. I have one more besides this one. I see myself buying more as well.

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Well I found an image of the set I had oh so long ago.