Best Of LEGO Bootlegs

You guys, I have just found an entire Treasure Trove of hidden Knockoff Gems:

First off we got some Star Wars bois.

Then we have this (actually pretty decent) Thor Constraction Figure.

I found this really awesome Bionicle G2 Bootleg. Although it doesn’t really have any new parts, I would still buy it purely for the design.

Anyways, thoughts?

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I’ll admit that it’s a cool design but I can’t get past 'Bionlcie".


Oh man, you had me so excited there for a second. I was hoping these were something I hadn’t seen before. But I’ve seen all these. The most tempting one is the Boba Fett because those color green pieces look great. But I haven’t pulled the trigger on it.


Before I had an authentic Poe Dameron minifigure, I bought a bootleg version. One of his faces was okay, but the other was, well…

"Hey, Poe. Why the long face?"

Here’s a comparison between an authentic head piece (screen left) and the bootleg (screen right).


Thats… Unfortunate.

the Exo Force reboot looks great


I actually would actually want these as sets. Especially the tank. Though that female minifig would never make it through.

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True that

Why is his head so small?


I have one question; is that a horribly botched photoshop job or does the figure actually look that bad?
Judging off the quality I’d believe either,


That is really hideous.

We found our real Ben Swolo.


Check out these bad boys.

thereepio got fed up of being shut off.


Ah yes, my favorite mechanical constraction line. DIY Robot Block.

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“Universe Wars” xD

“Don’t do steroids, Kids.”

“Build the Wall” by MAGA

I really have to wonder if that’s just a joke, a set someone made to cash in on that phrase… or someone seriously made that to support the MAGA movement.

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Probably the second option.

@DarkHenrik I think it’s best we don’t bring up politics here

They’re making some funky repaints of the Great Mazinger ko minifigs*

*C’mon Lego, more mecha anime licenses wouldn’t hurt


that’s not a Mazinkaiser…

One of those things is not like the other

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Have the sailor scouts always been that terrifying?

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only in knockoff form