Best of TTV 2014 Edition

As we all know there was a lot of great moments in 2014 with TTV. I wanted to create a Topic where we can talk about the great moments of 2014 with TTV.

So my question what do you think are the top moments of 2014 with TTV ?


the great spaghetti discussion of 125 (or is that 2015? I don't know)

The question Var asked, that I have wanted to ask Eljay for a very long time "Eljay, why do you fight with someone in every episode?" seriously, why



Eljay trying to talk to a dragon in the dragonology game

The 10,000 subscriber celebration

Oh yeah and them finding Bionicle 2015

There are probably more I just can't think of them right now


October at NYCC. Thanks to them, I was informed of everything of the ins and outs of the new theme.

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The story from the Christmas special.

When Takuma and Exx joined.

Takuma's comment about finding a snakeskin in the Christmas tree.

Takuma's (joke) announcement of departure from TTV.

Aaaaand I just noticed three of these involve Takuma. Odd.

If it took place before midnight of December 31, it counts as 2014, and is number 1.


YES! "Spaghetti isn't noodles"

And the super dramatic Mardi Gras Ven said in.... I forget which episode.

MNOG with Meso


That Christmas story XD I lost it when they said North Korean spies.

I love the whole "filthy casual" joke too.


101, 102 and 108. Those were the best in my book.

For the Glory of Mother China was good enough that I listened to it, along with the few episodes surrounding it, several times over while playing Minecraft....