Best & Worst Blasters EVEH!... of all time

I'm gonna take a third (well...9th) option. My all-time favorite is the Exo-Toa's cannon.

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Best? Midak Skyblasters. Because of POWER.

Worst? Nynrah Ghost Blasters. Because THEY DIDN"T WORK.

I liked the Rhotuka spinners the best because of the amazing feeling firing them was, I even learned to aim them well, I remember playing with my cousin and launching them across the room at each other

Worst would be as many said the squids because they got past quality control, I have only gotten a squid to launch properly once and it was a week ago, I flipped out at it finally firing then tried it a second time and failed

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I should point out that the event of me and the little girl shooting each other with Midak skyblasters now happened twice.

I hope more future blasters are that good.


Most entertaining, probably the Rhotuka. I've come up with a stupid number of minigames to play with them, and with a recent ebay haul I have like, 15 of them.

Most functional, probably either the zamor or the thornax.

Most idiotic is the squid.


I love the rhotuka(on a level of fun) and the midak skyblaster
I hate the squid launcher and ngram ghost launcher

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Sky blasters had to be my favorite. I find them the most functional for customizing in MOCs as well.

I can't say squid launcher, too many people have picked that stuck_out_tongue. So I'm going to say Thornax launcher. It just seemed underwhelming compared to the blasters we had got before.


I kind of agree. They're very simplistic (it worked pretty well with the theme of 09 though).

Actually, the thornax launcher is my favorite. It was simple, effective, and it was nice to have a small launcher instead of the giant, bulky ones that we got in previous years.

The worst would be the squid launcher because I could never could get those things to work. actually had to put up a video showing people how to use them. Also, while it did fit the underwater monster theme, squids as amo always seemed silly.

Quick question too, would tridax pods be considered blasters? They did launch objects and were the Makuta Phantoka's gimmick.


My favorite is the rhotuka spinner. As for my least favorite that was probably the nynrah thing.

If you can make a catapult that launches Tridax pods, or a gun that works without blowing them open, then it's a blaster. If not, it's a bomb. Are military bombs considered guns?

No, they are not. Bombs and guns are separate from each other and are two different types of weapons. However, some bombs have inner workings similar to firearms.


Exactly my point.

Mine are tied between the cordak blasters and the piraka's zamors

Least favorite Is the inika zamors. I just can't stand the ammo clip/tower/thing.

my favorite are the meteor blasters because they shoot meteors......



Flagging? Flagging what?

They were a cool concept, except when they were full, the top one would always fall out...

It was a joke in response to greencap's post. Which at least to me sounded like him trolling.
@noob1234 exactly how I feel. I guess the squid launchers were also pretty bad, but I liked the challenge of getting them to shoot right.

Dang, my sarcasm meter is obsolete.

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