Best & Worst Blasters EVEH!... of all time

In order from best to worst:

Midak Skyblasters, Thornax Launchers, Zamor Sphere Launchers, Kanoka Disk Launchers, Nynrah Ghost Blasters, Cordak Launchers, Rhotuka Spinners, Squid Launchers



Ummm... was that intentional? There were several different different disk launchers...

You didn't see anything.



Fair enough, but I have a natural bias towards disks. :stuck_out_tongue:

They weren't as bad, and it helped that they actually fired reliably.

Well, yeah, but then I can't derive humor from repitition. XD


I loved the Zamor launchers, despite them being capable of losing ammo. The look alone won me over.

The Rhotaka were also another favourite. Seeing things fly on their own have always been interesting... they just flew far.

Hated the Cordak blasters, actually. They were hard to fire and fired randomly (different ranges).


Cordaks are very similar to Ghost Blasters in that they both relied solely on air pressure. How far they fired depended entirely on how hard you pushed the pump. Hope this helps. smiley

The best launchers would have to be the stud launchers, they shoot well and are an improvement to the cordak blasters as well as they are light and you can use different colored studs as ammo. It is one of the best blasters made by Bionicle and it works well with customization.


Small correction: it wasn't specifically produced for G2. It was implemented in several sets across various LEGO themes simultaneously.


It's still the best. stuck_out_tongue


Disks were first introduced in slizers and then were implimented in bionicle, but we only refer disks to Bionicle though they didn't originate from it. But with the new blasters, I think they were made for Bionicle but were used in lego sets that they'd release first because they were proud of them. But at least we know the new rapid shooter is better than the cordak blaster and is more customizable. smile

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I liked the Ghost Blasters. They worked for me, plus the shells could be used for MOCing like the Zamor Launcher components.


My favorite blaster is the Cordak blaster that sometimes works and the least favorite is the Thornax Launcher.

Personally never got the Squid Launcher's to work properly... I like them as Ammo, nice using a creature as Ammo, but the launcher was a pain.


Nobody ever could..


I could... but I have lost all the squids...

Most liked to least liked: Midak skyblasters, zamor sphere launchers, rocket launchers, rhotuka disk launchers, stud cannons, tohunga disk throwers, kanoka disk launchers, nynrah ghost blasters, cordak blasters, squid launchers.

Squid launchers were stupid, because they only worked properly if you loaded and fired it in less that one second. Even then they didn't always work. Cordak blasters didn't always fire either; they were more reliable underwater, but they were still terrible.

Midak Skyblasters are the best for their compactibility and the amount of ammo they hold for their size. I first got a Nynrah Ghost Blaster with Mistika Tahu, and I didn't like it because its maximum range for me was 3 feet. However, a few months ago I got Gorast off of Ebay. It had a really good seal between the missile and the barrel of the gun, so its range for me was 40+ feet.

Disk launchers were not that good after they were used over and over again, but the Rhotuka launchers were very good for their range. However, they weren't very accurate over long distances. The best of all the disk launchers was either the Slizer or Tohunga throwing arm. It had pretty good distance and accuracy.

The zamor sphere launchers was good, but the spheres fell out if you turned it over (this is for the inika type, with the extension). A fix for this is to remove the 4th sphere and insert two pieces onto the top plus section, as were used on the Rockoh-T3. This fix allows for the use of several of the inika extensions to be used on the launcher. You can add pieces onto the piraka version of the launcher, but you'll need to design it yourself in order to shoot upside down. A bohrok shield works very nicely to simply keep the sphere in.

The rocket launcher (exo-toa) was very good for its power, although Lego later updated both the launcher and the missile to be more streamlined and powerful. Unfortunately, they never used this version in a Bionicle set.

The stud cannons are cool-looking, small and compact; they also hold the most amount of ammo that shoots without needing to be refilled. However, they don't have the power needed to knock larger sets over; however, Bionicles could be taking over the Lego world and shooting minifigures.

Now, when will Bionicle use spring-loaded shooters? (the octagon-shaped cannon on Cole's Boulder Blaster is the best; they should do something like that for a titan or vehicle)

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Not sure they ever will. The spring-loaded shooters are System-based.

There is a special place in my heart for the Rhotuka spinner.
The place where I keep all the things that I greatly dislike.
While the squid launcher was a bomb in my personal opinion, at least you knew which general direction it was going in!
I put the Ghost Blasters at third place. Hard to fire, little impact, but at least they launched, and in the direction intended!
The Cordak blaster looked REALLY COOL and is aesthetically my favorite, but it was SO EASY to miss one shot and it took a good few minutes to fire all six rounds.
Thornax launchers felt like a cross between the Disk Launcher and the Zamor Launcher, and were pretty decent all around.
The Zamor launchers were very reliable, if you cared to add a couple pieces to keep the top ball stable in the launcher.
Disk launchers had the best lore, in my opinion, and were very accurate, and the collectible nature of the disks made them more fun.
My favorite for being the most practical was the Skyblaster, though. It had all the advantages of the better blasters, without any of the disadvantages, and MAN did they have a nice range!


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I would say the best was (obviously) the Midak followed by the Thornax launcher (for its ability to also use Zamors) then the Kanoka (meh) then the Cordak (1 in 6 actually left the gun) followed by the "Nyran" ghost blaster (you had to pump it up too many times in order to fire) then the Squid launcher (I got pretty good at firing it). In the non-bionicle exclusive blasters I liked them in decending order Technic shooter (V1 and V2), Flick fire V3, stud gatling, flick fire V2, Then lastly the flick fire V1.