Bestial Machination: Orikad

Okay, so based on how it seems to everyone else, I must

-Redo the arms entirely, as apparently they are awkward and do not provide as good a silhouette as I had previously thought.
-Rework the legs, as they are gappy, which I agree with.
-Swap out the feet, because I guess as feet those pieces are trash.
-Remake the entire torso, as it is too long and apparently weird. It's apparently also too flat.
-Find a color I have enough pieces in and pray I can still keep something of a mechanical look.
-Drastically alter literally everything that isn't the head.
-Give up
-Make new MOC entirely, as clearly this one was just utter garbage in concept and execution.
-Fail due to lack of motivation and clear lack of taste or MOCing prowess.


Or just take it in stride and ignore most of them.


The head reminds me of this.


You forgot the special SJW Tumblr snowflake mode where you go and try and stop your insecurity and show off your good mocs then later kill yourself in a hole.



you vuhii you.

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Aight, so higher quality pics available this weekend, but for now I just wanna show the minor revamps I did.

  • Added spikes to the side of his "helmet" pointing down. They do a good job at framing the faceplate.

-Moved the SW guns to the bottom axle hole of the shoulder hand connectors. They give the torso more than just a T Silhouette, IMO.(Is minor tho)

-Made both arms black. Finally found the other bone.

-Gave him a small gear and tire to the elbow to they weren't such sticks.

-Redid the whole upper leg portion. Super happy with them. Thanks to @Ventum for helping me out there. I am now super pleased with this MOC, regardless of what folks think of the weird torso plate, or the feet.

I am pleased with both of those things, as well as the intentionally off-human proportions.



Gr8er then ever.

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ok_hand Looking good. Much better now, I look forward to better pictures. ok_hand


Wanted an ab crunch. So I gave one to him. Also of course edited the Thighs as seen earlier, and fixed the twig elbows.

I know there's midsection issues, but I think they're worth it for the new articulation. The slouch really adds to his look.

Bit of new vs. old there. Just so you can see the differences.


I like it!

Great job, Nyran.

No sarcasm. I'm serious.


Cool design, pretty original. I can't really think of a problem on it really.