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Hello, people of the internet. Something that's been bothering me, not on this site in particular, but in the community at large. It feels like all the mocs that people are publishing are made by the people with the most parts and the most money, not the greatest use of parts or skill in creating. I intend to fix this in my own way. Enter, my moc feed. I'll post mocs semi-regularly, and consructive critisism and suggestions is highly requested. I'm not an ultra- pro, but I've got got some skill.

Let's start with my secondary self moc (I have two. I would upload both at the same time, but I only have good pictures for the one. The other one will be posted withing 24 hours of this topic being posted. Maybe.)


Yes, he has one red shoe. Deal with it. He is master of darkness, he does what he wants.

And yes, the last two images were in fact taken with a potatoe

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it's so cute.

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The backpack is pretty cool, but why doesn't it have a head?

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um, wat?

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10/10 red shoe is best part


The back armor is pretty good, why no hands?

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Looks kinda like a G1 polybag. stuck_out_tongue


Well if he's the master of darkness he must be a pretty Bad Guy.


It's cute. smile


Have you ever heard of Randall?


Thanks everyone for all your support on this! Now, as promised, here is my main self moc. He isn't my best moc, but he is what he is.

Haruru, toa of sonics.

The toso is a pohatu propeller piece, and the upper arms are a technic build

Haruru is the last order of mata nui member. Shortly before being disbanded, helryx decided to assign him to guard the remnant of the mu. He keeps the prisoners in the pit, when he can, he keeps the people out, and he prevents any threat from ever taking it over again. When his job will end is still unknown, but he will continue to fufill his duty, even in the wake the end of all he knew. He remains loyal.

The red star, of course, knew of the death of the MU and the operators wished to restore it, but with the star being inoperable it couldn't be done. When the star was repaired, it sent a bolt of pure energy, the same as from the golden armor, to reenergixe the body and some protodermis to heal the physical wound. Haruru intercepted the bolt, fufilling his duty. The result was that be became supercharged.


Modifications include more detail, color scheme change, better upper legs, back armour, and a slightly improved torso construction.

The stub-hand thing (inika hand???) is intended to portray a head. Anything else in my parts inventory would've either been a bad color or to big.

Any hands that I could come up with to add were too big and clunky. I decided that the little spheres looked enough like fists. Any suggestions on a potential hand design? I'd love to change it.

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Sorry, I have little skill in small figures, maybe a mixel type hand.

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That guy looks really cool, He's unique. smile

Ooh, nice.


Hmm... looks, ok...

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Not gonna lie the gold version is pretty cool.


Good job. both versions look really cool.


Time for another moc to be uploaded! Sorry it's been so long. I can't guarantee dates very often, but I plan to upload another one on Saturday.


Not to be confused with death himself, this is his assistant, and his ambassador to the world.

A construct of pure darkness, this being is always on the verge of insanity, but his intelect is unmatched.

He possesses the ability to summon fire straight from the underworld with his bare hands.

He walks the earth, reaping as his master chooses, but he is by no means loyal. He plots daily to overthrow his creator and take the place of death.

inside his shoulder armor, he carries these sort of seeds or minions. When released, they will develop into larger, zombified minions. He has since created an army out of these, and currently (in my universe) is attacking the fire tribe with it.

This moc was made for two reasons irl; First of all, this is the first and only moc I've made so far with posable fingers, hence the title "hand of death". The second reason was that I had WAY to many back piraka feet.... I seriously have no idea where I got any of them, much less EIGHT... ironically, his actual feet are not piraka feet.

Oh yeah, he has plenty of flaws. I never said he was great. He's too fragile, the waist design is poor, the mask is iffy, his balance is just awful, the elbow joint is a Technic build that relies completely on the friction on claiming the parts together as tightly as possible to work at all.... he is very much "Ok...", and don't be afraid to say otherwise. I'm OK with criticism, as long as it's helpful and not just hate.

Fun fact about entity's guys build, it's actually based on ccbs. The core of the torso and arms are ccbs parts, with some Technic and other stuff built on to that.

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Also, please be sure to post future MOCs in the same post. Thanks! smiley