BIG BLUE: update based on feedback

changed some things on the moc mostly the claws . ( my new camera is only 5mp :frowning: wow ) don’t have the old camera I used.

this rahi filter feeds on the bottom of the deep ocean in small groups and are very territorial and will attack other groups of BIG BLUES if they get to close to there territory with blasts of compressed water that can demolish bedrock they fire from there claws .

*on a side note I would like to make a small contest if you will. I would like to see others make a predator to hunt my creation. I recommend lots of armor. I will pick a winner ( if any enter) at the end of the month.
oh and it turns out lobsters in real life are cannibals.

ignore the red pins this was an old picture when I was building it

the moc is based off of a blue lobster and pistol shrimp


I like it though I’d try to find a Way to cover or remove the balls from the claws. Maybe add some metru blue hands.

ill try something else but that part is sandwiched between the two parts.

Well just adding the hands might fit. If not blue technic beams.

I tried it was too gappy

Does give a better lobster appearance than the previous one.
I would suggest changing the fist and maybe the head for something else-

smaller claws instead of fist?

if you could give some suggestions that would help me think of some new ideas.

I feel it captures the concept pretty well. Nice job.