Bigley: The story of Big

Ch. 1:
A long time ago in a half forum not known to most people on the TTV Message Boards…

October, 2014. The members were running amock. Everyone wanted Ridley for Sm4sh. #Ridley4Smash, some said. #2Big4Smash, others said. And so, with the doodle of an artist with the skill of a toddler, he was born. It was a stick figure with no arms, simple bug wings, and a proboscis for a mouth. It was bigger than anything in existence. It was Bigley, Ridley’s older brother. The members soon came to love and worship him. He was even given a page on Le censor Resource. He soon became a god. Then came the Badmins… (2 b cuntinyood)

Ch. 2: Da Badmins Strike

The Badmins had arrived. They banned and censored each one of the Members. Some were able to fight back by making alternate accounts or calling customer service, but the Badmins were too stong. They soon ruled the forum of which’s name shall not be known till the end of Bigley’s ballad. They made many laws; no cursing, no inappropiate stuff, no fun. The Members had nothing to do but leave the forum and search up Rule 34 on Google. Lord Bigley had to save his subjects. So, he prepared for a long journey, which took little Hewkii many days to type… the details will be disclosed soon… (2 b cuntinyood)

Hey… Your not talking about the Badmins being the admins, right?

Or the moderators, either?

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its a joke

I’m just joking with him. :smile:

Then do /s or jk or something, the way you put it makes it sound serious


Ch 3: Da begoningz
Bigley left the forum to cross the Interwebz to find a way to beat the Badmin threat. He knew where to go, but not how to get there. So he got a map from a guy selling souvenirs in the back corner of an alley infested with rats. Bigley discovered the Badmin Factory’s exact location; between Google and some channel on YouTube named ‘thethreevirtuez’. But first, he had to go through many unknown territories… (2 b cuntinyood)

I’m sorry I literally cannot read this. To much zs.

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