Bingzak, Toa of Time

I recently decided to give my old “G2 Toa of Time” MOC a bit of a makeover.

The first draft of this guy was my entry for the MOC category in BZPower’s “The Legend Continues” contest from a couple years ago (it managed to secure third place in its first round poll - one place to low to advance, but still, it’s something :sweat_smile: ). I was going for what a G2 Toa of Time would look like, with the idea being that Bingzak would, similarly to Takua in G1, acquire a legendary mask and be transformed into a 7th Toa.

The top half of the Mask of Time is from Shapeways. I usually avoid using 3D-printed pieces, but this was sort of a special case - since the theme of the contest was “stuff you wanted to see happen if G2 continued,” I really wanted to do something with the Mask of Time halves.


You can see the original version of this MOC (as entered in the contest) here. I’m pretty pleased with how the updates came out (particularly in regards to his “shield”), but any feedback is welcome!


That’s fantastic! I love the staff!

Epic!!! But the head is too big

Okay, this is epic.

Seriously, though, the orange and the gold… and those wings. Amazing work.

Amazing! I like the brick separators.

I’ve always liked seeing those brick separators not go to waste! I’ve never been able to find an interesting way to use them in MOCs myself.

The parts useage is phenomenal. The bionicle watch in the arm and the use of mata feet and ball joints to attach on the 2015 armor pieces is pretty subtle and looks good.

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This is so good! Is he the mortal enemy of Time Traveling Muaka?

[quote=“SonicBionicleMaster, post:3, topic:48969”]
But the head is too big
[/quote] I think it looks perfectly fine, personally. Especially given the moc’s bulk.

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