this makuta came from a huge bin of parts!
Axles: clunky design, heavy torso, weak legs, and lots of random colorstuff (I don’ have tons of parts of the same color)
and yes, it looks like a parts box came to life
another thing is that alot of parts are not the same color so i’m limited.


It’s a large mess of colors. I commend you on trying to make it large, but large=/=good


Well it’s really big, I’ll give it that. The color scheme doesn’t work and most of the bulk is in the upper body, and not enough in the waist and below. The head design is pretty nice though.

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Bigger size isn’t always good, i mean it is an amazing size but it just looks like an amalgamation with no consistency

I was expecting Makuta destroying LEGO Dimensions sets.

On a more series note, this MOC has an impressive size. That being said, however, it seems big just to be big, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would work on making the MOC more cohesive in shape and color. There’s just too much going on here.

Good start, however. I think you have a some good concepts.

What is that.

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Monster is not a word strong enough for this moc, sorry but I cant see anything great about it

That is one big Kronkiwongy


Kind of makes me think of Kingdom Teridax.

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Frankly it looks like a parts bin came to life.[quote=“Cavespider, post:1, topic:34273”]
Axles: clunky design, heavy torso, weak legs, and lots of random colorstuff

Add cluttered beyond recognition and you basically have my thoughts.


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Honestly, it’s hard to see what this even is. I can really only see a bunch of colors and the Mask of Creation. This is because of three reasons.
1. The camera is blurry. This is not a big deal, but it does make it more difficult to see.
2. There’s a bunch of colors. It is thankfully not difficult to look at, but it still does not have a definite color scheme.
3. It’s huge. This isn’t a bad thing, big MOCs can look good, but this is an example of “shorten it a bit”.

Now again, this is fine as is. But if these 3 factors were changed to be better except the camera, it would be great.


This isn’t a MOC. This is your entire bionicle collection.


The sizes are OK, but it is very messy.

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Well I have to admit, that is the most fearsome-looking thing ever to come out of a Bionicle creation.

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I love him he’s so edgy

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when you mean small tiny the skeleton is what you are looking for.

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Well, judging from the size of this guy, I have to disagree :stuck_out_tongue:
I think you covered the problems with this guy in your description, sorry.


How in the name of thorax launchers did I build this dude!?

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It is AMAZING how you built this thing , but it is complete mess. I can’t see where’s the head,how is it, oof. Big doesn’t mean is better.

I guess your right.

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