Bio is Actually Legit Gone for Good Now. Bye Guys

So, basically, if any of you actually remember, I said I'd be coming back soon-ish.

Well, being optimistic hasn't panned out, and with all the things happening in my life, I've decided it will be best to lock the door and toss the key in Mount Doom, so to speak. Having this account in the back of my mind is simply adding to the amount of mental noise I have to sort through, and I don't see myself returning anyway. So, I'm not going to delete my account, because I don't want all my topics/posts gone in case someone actually finds something interesting. I'm just logging out indefinitely.

I wish I had something more clever to put at the end here, because I really enjoyed my time here a year ago, and it makes me happy to know I'm not the only one obsessed with a children's toy from 15 years ago.

But yeah. Goodbye guys. I hope you all have fantastic lives and keep doing what you all do. Don't die, and all that jazz.


Nooo. I'll miss you, BioRaiders. You were a great guy.


Bye, friend.

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see you space cowboy



Farewell BioRaiders532, it was an honour message-boarding with you ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


See you on the other side, mr Bio. Your loss will be mourned

Good-bye! You seemed pretty cool when you were here, it's sad to see you gone.

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Live well on the other side, Bio.

Ye shall be remembered with a nostalgic thought; good luck, and goodbye.

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I never really knew you, but from your older posts, you seemed like a cool dude. Goodbye.

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Bye bio. Good luck in the future.

It's funny, I never did take chibi-dunka apart..


Gave it a like out of support and the hope that you return...

Anyway, hope you manage to sort out whatever it is that you need to sort out. Be sure to come back to us when you can and hope you have a fantastic life also.


Fare thee well on thy journeys.

I'll miss your really deep conversations and such.


Farewell, friend, it was an honor to have you on the boards.

Welp. Bye...

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Oh man, I just saw this. :frowning:
You will be missed, man.
My best wishes to you in life.

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I remember being here when you were active, it was cool knowing you.

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I have no idea who you are. :cry:

I feel sad now that I will never get to know you.