BioCraft: Chronicles

I’m rewatching from the beginning. It’s amazing.


Color me impressed. That was pretty fun.


Jimmy Stringer and Gali, tag-team co-op Robionicle/HeroBlox movie.

It needs to happen.


The movie will be up on the channel soon, with a little extra something at the end! :slight_smile:


Whoo! I love extra somethings.


So will the livestream comments be visible, or is it going to go away?
Just wondering.

I hope they’re visible, there was some gold in there



Of course.

Hail Denmark.


How soon, exactly? I’m just curious.

The best part about this whole thing for me, was knowing months in advance that it was real, and watching everyones reactions online up till it finally premiered.


It’s a mystery

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Unfortunately at the moment the Premiere with the live chat will not be uploaded to youtube. We’re trying to figure out the best way to bring that back because we want everyone to be able to experience and reexperience it, however we also want to drive traffic to the actual completed video once it goes up.

I know it isn’t what anyone wants to hear, but it’s all we’ve got right now. Once we have a plan for it, we’ll let everyone know. Just bear with us :slight_smile:



Oh man. I was watching the stream just now (I was out of town when it premiered) and I was at the part where Takua and his company were fighting Ahkmou, I had to leave for about 2 minutes, and it said 'Video Is Unavailable". Now I’ll have to wait probably more than a day. Man, I hate missing things.

You could say I was not happy.

Also, those comments were gold. Keep them.


Half of them were people typing “F”

And then the other half was “Hail Denmark,” “Ban Makuta,” “Is this work available for download,” and “Can we get the soundtrack?”

Maybe you could make a separate “commentary” kind of thing? Like, “special features?”


Thanks to some well timed YouTube issues we have to re-render/upload the film, we’ll get it back up and viewable ASAP


While we sort things out with the film, please enjoy a song from the soundtrack, released early!


Wow what a film. I must now drop a totally reputable review of it because I definitely saw the priemeir and surely didn’t miss it because I can’t convert EDT to my own zone of time. I! BohrokFan87 was very disappointed! I know it hard to believe. But it took way too long to get to the part where the toa fight the bohrok. This wouldn’t be too bad by itself, but I’m left in awe as to why the director would take a several hour long segway to film a documentary on the effects of Kane-ra overhunting halfway through the film. I get that everyone like avant-garde these days but this is time that would have been far better spent with the bahrag monologueing their evil misguided plans. Overall I recommend every bohrok lover with as much passion as myself pack it up and go back to your stasis tubes. This ain’t it chief.

IGN rates 10/10. Really delivered on the disappointing/mediocre experience promised. Well done TTVideo brinquedo!


I thought it was gonna be one of those over effort April Fools Joke that was gonna be real disappointing to know it was all a joke but no

it already became real and I’m really glad about it


I went into the video expecting it to be entertaining and, son of a gun, it definitely was entertaining.

To all the cast and crew of the Biocraft Chronicles movie, you guys rock! It was funny, retold the basic events of MNOG, had its own spin on things and had several jokes about gamers and the TTV community.

This is kinda like Kingdom Hearts 3 where it certainly felt like a project several years in the making and in a very good way.

Again, that was an awesome video and I cannot wait for it to be available for viewing in the YouTube channel.