"Biocraft" Mod Work In Progress

First of all I would like to state that the title of the mod is not permanent and can be changed if any forum staff or member of TTV would like me to do so.
Hello I am Liam(Its pretty sad when your name corrects to Lima) and I am a planning on making a minecraft Bionicle mod that will be free to download and hopefully pretty good.
If you are wondering what the mod will include here is a list of thing I am planning to add:
Alll Year one Toa masks with each ones respective mask powers
Nuva versions of each the Toa Mata's masks with enhanced powers
Other various masks of power
Bionicle esc armor
Multiple weapons and toa tools some might even have special properties
Common smaller rahi: possibly
Some well known villain; possibly

Thats all that I am Currently planning on doing as of right now but if you have any ideas please comment them down below however dont just say add a Rhode or something as if a Mask's mask ability is possible in minecraft it will probably be added
I will most likely post links to where you can download the mod once a working version is released which I wouldn't expect for at least two to three weeks depending on how much I choose to add in version 1.0.

If you would like to an alpha version of the mod private msg me your email and I will send it to you once alpha 1.0 is done note this will include very little this is just if you want to see what the mod will be like.
On a side note if there is anyone who is good at pixel art, can make minecraft textures, and is willing to work along side me making textures for the mod then please notify me I would love to have you on board as I am really bad at making textures.
Alpha 1.0 Private Release-
Added Armor(Mask) Mata Miru-gives power of levitation(lets you fly while right clicking MaskPower)
Added Item MaskPower-allows you to use your MaskPower
Added Armor(Mask)Mata Hau-gives power of shielding(makes you invulnerable for 2 seconds on MaskPower right click)
Added Armor(Mask)Mata Kaukau-gives power of water breathing(Automatic)
Added Armor(Mask)Mata Kakama-gives power of speed(gives 10 seconds of speed 5 on MaskPower right click)
Added Armor(Mask)Mata Pakari-gives power of strength(strength 2 Automatic)
Added Armor(Mask)Mata Akaku-currently no Power

Due to rules I forgot about I cannot "advertise" this project on the forums without the rank master so keep checking back for more info on a replacement site.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this topic


Have you done any modding prior? I think it could be cool to see.

Worth noting is that Minecraft has an update incoming so depending on the version it might be more or less difficult, so might be best waiting till then.

I think an accompanying texture pack would be nice, maybe a couple of new blocks. Other than that i think your list sounds alright and should give everything required for a Biocraft style modded game.


I've recently been looking for something like this, but all the existing bionicle mods for minecraft are not being updated anymore, and have been abandoned. I look forward to this.

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Isn't there already a Bionicle mod for Minecraft?

There are three of them.

None of the ones I have seen are very good, the best one just had buggy mask powers and a few new blocks

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Yes I do have previous modding experience but only in 1.7 since a lot of things changed from 1.7 to 1.8 however when 1.9 releases I"ll most likely edit the mod to fit 1.9 but it may take some time

@TheIgnikaKnight Yes there are a few but they have since been discontinued and are overall not all that great hopefully ill be able to make this much better than those others

On a Side note I have just started the actual production and I might possibly have a Alpha test version by tomorrow with a few masks so private msg me with your email if you would like to test alpha version 1.0.
Please refrain from double posting. --John Smith


If I may I would recomend doing simple masks like speed, flight, or water breathing first. In the mods Ive seen they tried to do things like Xray vision or time early and it was just a mess

Currently I'm just going to make X-ray NightVision until I can figure something out

Why not just make the ruru which is the actual mask of night vision?

That too I gues currently the Akaku wont have an ability

Mod Update!
Alpha 1.0 or Biocraft 0.1 has been finished.
Note Alpha 1.0 is a Private Release if you want to test it private msg me your email and I can send it to you.
What's included
A Mata Miru with working mask power(see Main thread for details as to mask powers)
A Mata Hau with working mask power
A Mata Kaukau with working mask power
A Mata Kakama with working mask power
A Mata Pakari with working mask powers
A Mata Akaku mask power currently wip

the only other masks i can find that would work with basic minecraft are the huna, ruru, and kadin

I'll can help with the pixel art. However I prefer to make textures that aren't HD because IMHO low-res textures look better in minecraft. What do you need textured?

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