BioCraft: The Island of Mata Nui and Skins

Can this map be accessed from the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft? Or only from PC?

It’s for Java edition.
Seeing as Bedrock and Legacy consoles wouldn’t have the same way for loading a world.


Where are these updated links…? I’ve looked and looked but can’t find them…

The beginning of the topic, right at the top.

Brilliant, thanks. I just didn’t scroll quite far enough… LOL

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what do you think, Eljay? what do you (or any of the others who have worked on Biocraft) think of Hytale and what possibilities it might mean for Biocraft?

Anyone know where to find the Makuta shirine

Okay! So after having lost it for a few months, my brother and I finally got Minecraft back last night.

Now this morning I had a couple free hours before school, and decided to download the map and look around. And from what little I’ve seen, I absolutely love it!

I’ve only managed to explore Ta, Ga, Le, Onu, and Ko Koro. I can’t wait to look over the entire island once I get home, and I’m super eager to try out some of the skins.

I just love this map so much. Seeing all of the details and personal touches in the huts, it’s just amazing.

Also @Eljay I must ask, how’s the resource pack coming along? I’m really excited about the mob and especially item changes to add just that special touch to the Mata Nui experience.


Yeah I was also wandering about the resource pack.

New link for the Matoran skins. Removed one that was pointless and updated Hahli to be more accurate to her McToran depiction. Enjoy!

As for the Resource Pack, no real update on it. It isn’t a priority, and won’t be for a very long time. I’d like to stress that it isn’t a massive change, only a few items to give it a BIONICLE-feel. Essentially, whatever you see in BioCraft is what you can expect.


Hey there, will there be a release for the Rahi skins? And when should we expect the resource pack (I apologize for asking, I just have been really looking forward to it and am wondering if there has been some sort of update.)

How do i get the resource pack? And does it keep the 1.14 textures?