Bioformer kongu mahri v2

After I built the first I figured if they wanted this brute look why not go all the way?

I took away crawler mode to make the truck look more convincing and just bulked him up.

My only problems are that the truck shell (can sorta be a weapon rack?) has to be removed for Toa form and that his legs now have to be seperate as when I built them in to the vehicle they could not hold up the body. Just assume they’re a roadblock or something in truck mode. In toa mode I’d say he’s around transformers voyager or ultra sized.

Comparison to leader Megatron.

Another comparison to Megatron.


Hm, his humanoid form looks a little mech-like. They’re both a little messy too, but they’re pretty well built.

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must he be a partsformer?

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Kongu just wants to be bulky… every form becomes bulkier, which is not a bad thing. He is still pretty cool.

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By Primus! Its pure perfection!!! 100000/10

no it’s not.

a perfect one would have a clean looking alt mode, and wouldn’t be a partsformer.

If its a dune buggy i love it. But i dont think its a dune buggy. Is it?? (Man im a strange kid arent i?)

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The alt mode looks great to me. Also, I was never bothered by partsforming.

yes. but, you’re making a claim that this is the best thing.

the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

This thing is far from perfect.

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Alright, fine. How about this.

“In my opinion, I think this moc is amazing.”

Better? :grimacing:

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