Bioformer srlojohn

This is VERY old, this was my first self MOC. There used to be more pictures, but they were lost when the Bio galleries went down, so excuse the weird text.

This is my self MOC. He is a bioformer that can separate himself into six components. The first picture is of an attack plane that turns into his arms. Second picture is of an artillery piece that turns into his waist and upper legs. The fourth picture is of two small artillery pieces that form the legs and feet. The fifth picture is of another artillery piece that makes his back armor. The seventh picture is of a tank that makes the torso and head. Pictures nine is of his robot mode, and picture ten is of his scorpion tank mode.


Extremely heavely inspired by DrScorpionX’s self-M.O.C. I see.


Well, I built all but the back armor before I saw that, but his MOC inspired me to add the scorpion tank mode.

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