bioformer ugamar (uh-ga-mar)

(warning photos of this moc maybe inverted or sideways)

this is ugamar my very own bioformer that is a dualcon. if you guys don’t know what a daulcon is its basically a type of a transformer combiner that has two separat modes (vehical or animal of sorts) that comebine into one robot mode, thats what ugamar is a daulcon. this moc was inspared by Dr. scorpionx’s moc lewa sigma (it took me a while to make ugamar).

ugamar’s back-story

ugamar past was not known not even to himself, all that he remembers is some type of percing light and sounds off rupcures and crashes and screaming and then nothing.
he also remeber that woke up from his coma like state he notice something was off about him. he was allot taller then he was prier to what happens to him and notices something sticking out of his back with for hook blades and a strange face sitting on it. other than losing his original mask, thats only his earliest memories while he’s on okoto. sometime later ugamar met an weapon smith in a small out post of okoto, the weapon smith gave ugamar five range weapons, and a silver skull spider mask and taught ugamar how to defend himself from okotos pesky threats like skull spiders and shadow monsters since the skull spider outbreak and the shadow war of okoto. in do time of his training ugamar learned how to transform into both his chopper mode ( the upper half torso) and his anti aircraft arrtillary mode (his legs). he usally goes out collecting artictfacts and weird items in hope to regain his lost memories of his past forgotten life that he once had.

photos of ugamar

ugamar with my other moc the Okotion Scorpion

his two sepprate modes:

chopper mode

anti aircraft artillarly mode:

his boxing skills

his guns

his prepellar (my own original disind) it actually folds.


From what I can tell, it looks good. I can’t get a good look at combined bot-mode, but the separate sections look fantastic. The bohrok head for the helicopter looks nice.

As for the pictures, you can edit them, either in your phone’s gallery, or in Paint 3D on your computer, and rotate them by 90 degrees until they are right-side up.

thanks ill see what i can do about the photos.
what do you think about the propellar?

i’d tryd but they won’t correct themselves

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The Rotor is nice. I’ve seen that sort of set up on Transformers, but never in Lego form.

becarefull with this design its easy build but very hard to take apart (speaking from experience here lol). oh and the bohrok chopper head i tried to make it as a chest for ugamar like blackout and dropkick from the transformer movies but that didnt work out .

Unfortunately, those names mean nothing to me, as I haven’t seen the live-action Transformers movies. I’ve only seen the animated one from the 80’s

Looks great, I really like the alt mode