This is a teaser for a Bionicle animated series that I am trying to make.

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Very cool! Tell me when I can see the first episode!

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You’ll be able to see it soon. These types of animation take time. But you will see it soon. Just stay posted for the future video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and press the notification button so that you will be posted for the future video.

I’m glad you enjoyed the teaser :slight_smile:

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Seems interesting, although some of the animation looks bad. For example, at 0:15, Ekimu looks pretty MS Paintish. But Other scenes make up for it, like Makuta looks pretty great, although a bit under detailed.

Since this is a fan project, you need to reach the rank of Master to make a topic advertising it. Let me or one of the mods know if/when you reach that rank and we’ll open this back up!