Do any of you guys follow BioFormers?
what they are if transformers and Bionicle/Hero Factory had a baby.
my favorite one is Exo- Hero.
here is the video for it:
so what do you guys think of the concept?


It’s a very uh…widespread thing, at least on MOCPages. More than just Dr.ScorpionX does that sort of MOC. One of my favorites comes from the MOCPages user Toa Likus.

Y’know this one

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I’ve made my own bioformer before. Inspired by my man Grimlock.It’s not very complex but I still like it anyways.

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I actually went out and bought Jet Rocka and made this today. It’s pretty nifty.

Just made Onua Elipson, then went on to make a Pohatu/Slicer Jet MOC.