Biolight Holy Knight of Electricity

Biolight is part of the Holy Knights of Mata Nui a order of Toa that devote themselves to keeping peace and fighting off the Makuta hordes. So the idea for this M.O.C come for me looking at pictures of Holy Knights and what they look like and a lot of them have gold, silver, and Red so I decided to use those colors on the M.O.C


The colors are a bit messy and the build is a bit cluttered but it’s not bad, though it unfortunately suffers from being wafer thin maybe share some of the bulk with his Z axis.


Brother, is that you? /s

Anyways, as Payinku said, this moc is kind of cluttered and there isn’t really a consistent color scheme


Thanks for the constructive pointers Brothers here is the back view

Holy knight of electricity, Batman!

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