Biolight (V11) (Self M.O.C)

Biolight ( My Self M.O.C)
Was once a Toa from his dimension till him and his Toa team were pulled from an ancient experimental Transport Machine which he turned on by accident after His team were pulled thorugh they meet Atrocitus the Power hungry Warlord which killed the team and left Biolight to die from his injuries until he was rescued by Ramheart and was put in to one of the same suits Samux was in. He lossed his power of electricity and it made him train his body to be more stronger he vows to avenge his team he has abandoned the title of Toa and has taken the test of Knights to redeem himself
Personality: Trys to do what’s right, sometimes beats himself up over what happened, sometimes talks to much and can be social.


From the first image, I thought this was going to be a good moc until I saw it’s entire proportion.

Usinge the track pieces from waist to bottom looks awkward, hands and legs are rather huge, and the back seems unfinished to where he needs a cape to hide the gap.

The moc does have a knight vibe going though-



anyway, a bit of criticism here, I think the shoulders are a bit skinny and stiff, might want to bulk those up. also the bright red is a bit bothersome to me and ruins some of the other, darkers shaded colours. The large hands a cool but don’t really work with the stubby looking arms.

there’s a lot of potential in this moc, keep working on it and I recon’ it’ll look even better!

and jeez he’s got a lot of incarnations…

@yolo360nosescope Lol I said that too after I counted all of Biolight’s iterations.

@Square Lol Ouch I will emit that am not great at making custom Arms and legs some what

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This is a decent MOC, I just feel some tweaks to the proportions would be welcome improvements. The custom legs look quite good, it’s just that they don’t fit the torso or the arms. I think the hands can also stay if you the arms much more bulk. The torso is probably a little thin at the top and the shoulders seem a little small. Again, I really like the custom legs and how they look in the pictures, I just think the MOC should be altered to fit those legs.

It looks better with the cape but the proportions could use some work