Bionic Rim: Kopaka

In order to stop the monsters that Makuta unleashed, the matoran had to build monsters of their own. Kopaka is a Mark 3 Jaeger, named and modeled after the legendary Toa of old. His ice sword can cleave a Rahi Kaiju in half, and his thick armor makes him a durable combatant. Now that I got the obligatory Pacific Rim parody out of the way, here’s the moc.

I was trying my hand at making a mech suit. The original intent had been for it to be able to hold a minifigure pilot, but that went out the window. Still, the brick-built nature was a difficult challenge for me, as I’m not used to building like that. Anyway, if anyone has any mech-building tips, I’d love to hear them! I definately need to work on back armor.


We actually used to have an RPG called Year 60,000 (Y60K for short) over on BZPower, and it was basically Pacific Rim with Kaiju native to Aqua Magna forcing their way inside the dilapidated and mostly flooded remains of the GSR.
Granted, Toa weren’t exactly a playable species (if I remember correctly, they all supposedly died going Nova in an attempt to fight back), but the Jaegers were powered by giant Kanohi, and I figured I’d mention it, since the MoC gives off a similar vibe. Might be worth looking up, if you’re interested.


More dark blue in the chest.


the chest can still be opened no?

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It can be, although at the moment you can’t fit much in there.
@Timageness Sounds interesting, I’ll have to check it out.
@Toa_Vladin If I can manage to find any more dark blue, I’ll try. I’m running a bit low.

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To build a proper mech. Start with the cockpit. Build out from there.


Awesome, I love the combo, and rhe build flows quite nicely as well.

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i like the use of system pieces

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Wow, I REALLY should have thought of that from the get-go… thanks. That makes a ton of sense.
@SteampunkTahu Thank you!
@JasonRiceGamin_YT Thanks!

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This boy has some thicc armour.

Very good blending of system and constraction.

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This looks a lot like toa actually, nice work.


2 jokes with the same person, new record.

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