Bionicle 14 carat gold Miru 2001 + Silver Miru

Yes, these are real and made out of 14 carat gold and silver. These were made my a local goldsmith in my city. I have provided a video to share as well. I was a little late for the mask hunt so I decided to have my own one of a kind mask. Looking forward for feedback.

Looking at you LJ

It's beautiful! How did you get these?

Also, the mask looks ASTOUNDING on Lewa!


I know I wouldn't like to knock one of those masks off of Lewa.

Jokes aside, the masks look amazing! It must have been fun making them.

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Think you could make me a copper kakama?

exceptional work on these,
bonus points that they fit perfectly on the head.


@Eljay would really be happy

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I don't even. This is amaze.

@Eljay @Eljay @Eljay @Eljay @Eljay @Eljay @Eljay @Eljay

Hear my calls!


He probably made them

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Why would you waste so much money on such dumb masks?

These look glorious! And just like the rest of the comments, I'm curious as to how you made/got them.

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Would be 10 times better if it was a 14 carat gold/silver Kakama.

No but seriously this is amazing!

These are flawless! Did you take any pics?

I want!

These are pretty sweet. Nice work!


:o dangggggggggg

Wow thank you so much! I purchased the gold and had a goldsmith make it into a mask. The project was a bit delayed so he decided to make one out of silver which I was not expecting at all. I will probably make a new video with higher quality and better audio when I have a better camera, and again thank you so much on the feedback. :smile:

Oh, I did not make these masks, I had them made for me by a goldsmith. :smile:

@MetaPower I was actually thinking about that before I had these made, It's just Lewa was my first Bionicle, If he wasn't I probably would have gotten the Kakama.

@Sushiyoda I had these made by a goldsmith.

@Toa_Taruho The total coast was around $1400. And I was a bit late for the mask hunt so I did this instead.

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K still getting use to the site.

you certainly made it sound like you made them,
why did you omit that from the op?

nice :smile: