Bionicle 2015 archive!

Hi, sorry for being unactive for a time (I’d like to ask mods for bringing my Master title back, because it really wasn’t my fault) but now I’m back with a new project!
I’m trying to save, download or copy everything from official LEGO media. All I have:
-Toa videos
-Toa stop-motions
-Story episodes+Legend (I will download all episodes when they’ll come out)
-Official wallpapers from
-Mask wallpapers (including Mask of Creation)
-Region images+Okoto image from
-All the weapons, masks and tools from
-Build with images from
-Images of sets (both with and without background)
-Comics from back of boxes
-Instructions for sets
-Instructions for combo models
-Toa descriptions from (I will not copy Protectors or Regions descriptions because they are bugged)
-Various other text from

That’s all, if you have something I forgot please feel free to tell me so I can add it. I really want to archive it for the future generations! (Please do not flag, I’m just asking for help not trying to advertise it in any way)


Are you associated with the Biomedia project? Cause, they’re basically doing the same thing.


No I’m not, but I know what they do. But I noticed that they miss alot of stuff from the first years. I want to have it all in one place without G1…

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Unfortunate as that is, we’re kinda not allowed to do that.

Sorry pal, gonna have to earn it back. >.<


I’d suggest getting images and text from the magazines. Some of the info and images that appear there do not appear elsewhere.

Plus, some concept images. I’d imagine those are important. You can find some of it here

Well, thank you! Today I downloaded TONS of stuff from YT, and more… It took me good 3 hours. I’ll update the list tomorrow.

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