Bionicle 2015: Gali, Master of water

Oh, new arts. its the 2015 hype!

hope you like it, share your thoughts.


Very nice! I really like how, unlike my works, you actually add a background 😂😂

Epic job! Very set accurate!

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Awesome! I can not wait to see more 2015 art on the board!

Very Impressive. Love the shaping as well as how accurate it is. Looking forward to more!

Very very excellent and Gali looks just like her set. I love to see all new art that just gets me more hyped for 2015. Gali seems to be a favourite of some people. Pretty sweet art, I wish I could do that.

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Holy cow! This is amazing!


Nice! But isnt an staff little too thin?

holy moly this is amazingly well done!

I have no words

Finally, a pic where Gali looks like... Gali. It looks like '01 art. If I didn't know better, I'd ask if you stole this from Faber. But, of course, I know better.

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Really like the look of this one, has a beautiful look to it.

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This is amazing! The colours, the shading, the translation from brick-built action figure into humanoid female, it's all gold!

You and couple of other tumblr Bionicle artist make the best interpretations of the sets.

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