Bionicle 2015 Gali W.I.P

I eventually plan on having this coloured and inked in. ^-^
Lol, I just now realised how thin Imade her arms. XD Gotta fix dat later. stuck_out_tongue


Her head is a bit big. Perhaps make the shoulders a bit far more out and her arms a bit thicker.

You've made her look cute. Well done.


I know, I've been trying to counteract that. XD Lol, I'm gonna work on that. smiley

@RangerSilver6 Why thank you. ^-^

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I'm sorry, but she looks like

1) I could never draw her.

2) More feminine than usual.

Lol, thank you. ^-^
@Chronicler Does this look better:

I'm still working on the arms, so I'll try to thicken 'em out. stuck_out_tongue
Also, @Ekorak Thanks. ^-^


Huh. Neato. I like this style.

Doesn't look like the shoulders are any farther. That's the thing about proportions of human-like figures: You need to make sure they match to human proportions. The shoulders should be a bit more farther out, with the torso following it in length. You may want your female to be thin, and I get that, but they have to have thickness. Without the torso being bigger than the head, the head looks way too big.

They most definitely are out farther, I made sure of that. Apologies if this sounds a bit rude, but you've basically relayed me information that I already know. My issue is that I suck at art, I try to do things like that, but it never reallyturns out looking good. XD Also, should her left hand have her trident or no?

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Maybe... But that's your decision. It may help with making the proportions a little better, if you can pull it off right.

Lol I probably will since I've already finished the arms and am about start to ink & colour it in. ^-^

Comic stile thats semi-realistic? Thats cool and would like to use thats style. Someday... for now i wil stick with cartoonish style!

@Chronicler Here's the finished Gali:


Looks. good. Not to be rude, but the head is still big. Perhaps if you ever attempt her again, you can fix this. smiley

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You're not being rude. ^-^ Trust me, it bugs me just as much as it does you. XD

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Actually I like the head larger. I think it maker her somehow....cute. Kinda like a bobble head. Nice work!

Why thank you! ^-^

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Very cool! Is it just me or does she have bug eyes? :stuck_out_tongue:

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XD That comment made my day. ^-^ Lol, just a lil' bit. stuck_out_tongue


It actually gives me the impression she's wearing a helmet of some sort like a Kamen Rider of the old days. Namely Ichigo himself or maybe Stronger.