Bionicle 2015 pohatu and korgot

I know I’m late on the mark but whatever.
When I got protector of stone and pohatu I had the same reaction as everyone for the combo model “that’s it? Really?”. So just using those 2 sets I upgraded pohatu into this new powered up form. Only using parts from the sets only not including the skull scorpions.

The stormerrangs on his shoulders can turn to be sand turrets and propeller blades for flight. inspired by the propeller hands pohatu phantoka (I think that was the year. I stop buying sets after the mahri year.)

Just a shot of the leftover parts. I switched ikimus and protector of stone eyes so they look better.

All I did to korgot was replace her lower legs and arms, add some pieces so what I geuss were her breast were now on her chest, and add the extra studs as decor.

Korgot is a simple but nice mod. Nothing to really write home about.

The Pohatu combo tries some ideas but the execution is just not good. His shoulders are wide and gappy, the feet on the propeller look bad, and the shells below the chest look awkward. He needs a lot of work.


Just removed those arms. How’s it look now?

I think it’s as perfect as a combo model can get now.

Well it’s hard to lengthen the torso when I only have 2 sets to work with; maybe even impossible. I only have the protector body, head, feet, and masks left not including the skull spiders.


Pretty much.

Definitely better, although the legs need lengthened to counteract the massive shoulders and make him less…Onua.

That… no. If anything, the torso needs lengthened to be proportional to the shoulders.