Bionicle 2015 posters

Okay, the pictures are NOT mine, they belong to Wertman 8. I edited them so they could look cooler. now with that in mind, proceed.

Hope you all enjoyed!


Needs more lens flare /s

Some of these look great, while others look odd.

Try not to make the parts glow in such a way that makes them look like smudges of light (LOSS looks like he’s got a bunch of fireflies around his body)…like try making streaks of light to give the impression of movement, or not making them glow so much.

Other than that, the rest of the effects look great…but don’t overdo it (Tahu’s looks too blurry and sketchy for my liking)


Noted, thanks!

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Needs more glowing /s

Really cool! I like it a lot!

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Many thanks!

These look amazing (Well most of them)!

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Thanks man! any standouts or falling shorts?

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  • I really like Lewa, just subtle and intimidating. I would also say the same for Gali.
  • I loved Skull Scorpio because it just mixed really well.
  • The Mask of Creation looks like it is a God-like possession, which it basically is.
  • I think Kulta turned out pretty good.
  • Kopaka is pretty amazing.


  • LOSS, as said by @Rockho, looks like hehas a bunnch of fireflies around him, it just doesn’t work very well.
  • I know this is not your fault, but Skull Slicer looks like he is Glowing.
  • Onua’s legs look a bit off.
  • Tahu looks like he is going off to a rave. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All the rest are in the middle for me.

You did a great job, though. :grinning:

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Slicer is meant to be glowing. LOSS…eh. Onua, I tried to make the trans parts glow. and Tahu…I have no idea.

My favorite is the mask of creation one.

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I understand that you were trying to make the trans pieces glow, but when you have overly trans. sets. it ends up looking pretty strange. :blush:



Same here! thanks!

The skeletons look like Ralph Bakshi Orcs.
That alone makes them cool.

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I dunno what that is. but Thanks!

Ralph Bakshi was an animated filmmaker back in the ~80s whose most well known work was an animated movie of the first two Lord of The Rings books. In it he used live action footage of people in costumes to portray the orcs, going over the footage with a red paint effect to give it this eerie, 2.5D, glowing look.
Here is a sample.

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