BIONICLE 2015 Set Preview: 70786 Gali - Master of Water (Comic Con Version)

Here's an exclusive look at Gali while the video uploads!

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She looks great. can't wait for the video


This is my favorite

(Logically I would have reversed the flippers. They look backwards to me.)


Inside of all the other videos you had the Mata and Nuva version on hand, did you not have Gali Nuva at the time that you were taking the pictures?

Maybe it's just me imagining things, but it seems Gali is the Toa with her chest piece the farest out.


Looks great. I love the translucent.

It's not your imagination. I'm not sure how they did it though

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they made the mask smaller
only thing I can think of

Nah. It's the same as the others.

I'm sure this will get answered in the video, but what's the point of the red pins on the axe/flipper portion of her trident?

Well she does use a different torso plate then some of the Toa- that being the Brain Attack one rather than the standard 2.0. The only other Toa that use this piece are Kopaka and Pohatu, both of which have similarly pronounced chests.

I honestly don't know, I'm assuming it has something to do with the Protector combo model. I haven't seen them used on any promotional artwork for her, but they were on her build at Comic Con so I assume it's suppose to be there.


I've watched five reviews and now I super excited for this! (The video's probably already up but I'm in school so, frowning

Photo's look sick which makes me even more impatient for school to end.

I love how she looks. Those shoulders do have a bit of an awkward look, but not too bad, and she still holds a very Gali styled feel. Her build looks nice, that bit about the gear not being quite strong enough for the weapon is too bad, but not a big problem. The mask looks great, the translucent blue is awesome, the color scheme is very pleasing, all in all an awesome set. I'll be getting her first for sure, as Gali Nuva was my first Bionicle set. At five years old I built Gali Nuva, my first set, without instructions, minus the gears and propellers. I then opened the instructions and finished her. I'm gonna carry in that tradition and build her completely without instructions, this time including the gear system smile


After watching the review, I agree the shoulders do look awkward however Gali's color scheme is probably one of the better ones. Overall she might be one of the last toa's I buy.

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So this posted last night but I had to go to bed. stuck_out_tongue
Another great review.

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Wonderful review, Thank you Var.

I really like her trident. The top part reminds me a little of Aqua Axes from '03.

Also, are you going to compare how Gali and Lewa both use the same "axe" piece when you review all the Comic Com Versions?


I like the new two part build, with the HF torso and the gearbox.

It might just be me but I know this is using the basics of the Modern Ultra-Build, but this is actually looking more female esc then the others. (Not discriminating against a woman's looks.)


Yeah, I can't quite put my finger on what makes her seem more feminine.

It would be female-esque or just feminine. just trying to help,

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