Bionicle 2015 Summer Story part 1: the ancient city and the Skull villains

So, I wrote this up based on the new comics for the summer sets. Purely speculation, but I won't be surprised if the srory is very similar to this.

"Look out!"
Gali's warning came too late. An Ice Missle came down and hit Kopaka's mask, knocking it from his face. Instinctively, he bent to retrieve it. A figure leapt from the wall, rolled, and kicked Kopaka off his feet. It then grabbed the Golden Mask of Ice. As the creature held the mask up, ice energy swirled around it.
For the first time, the Toa got a good look at their attacker. It appeared to be a zombie staight out of a nightmare. It's skin was rotting away, with the bones exposed in most places. Even more bizarre, it had what appeared to be chains coming from its chest, and its bones were silver. It weilded a large bow, but the Toa could see a sword strapped to its back. At least, it seemed to be strapped to the back. Then Tahu realized there was no strap.
There was no time to be surprised at the thing's appearance. It was preparing to attack again. "Take him down," Tahu said. "Get that mask back."
Gali fired a blast of water at the zombie creature. The water hit the Mask of Ice and crystallized, the crystals bouncing harmlessly off of the zombie.
Ice, Tahu thought. This creature is of the element Ice, like Kopaka. Tahu tried to remember what Ice was week to. Then it came to him.
The realization nearly came too late. Aware of its own weakness, the Zombie had charged at Tahu. He raised his sword, heating it with his powers. It came just in time, and the zombie cried out as it crashed into Tahu's fire. The Mask of Ice flew from its hand, and Kopaka cought it before it could hit the ground. He immediately returned it to his face.
"Look! More!" Lewa shouted.
Sure enough, several more of the creatures were climbing from the walls, aiming their bows at the Toa.
"I'll hold them off," Tahu said. "They're weak to my power. Find the Mask Maker."
The other Toa hesitated, unwilling to abandon one of their own.
"Go!" Tahu said. "I can handle these guys!"
"He's right," Pohatu said. "We have a mission to complete."

Pohatu took the lead. He pointed to the center of the city. "Ekimu's that way."
"So's something else," Onua said. "Listen."
Now the other Toa heard it too: a scratching sound, like something was walking around not far ahead. Or many somethings. Unafraid, Pohatu continued on.
The Toa passed through a graveyard. The scraping sounds grew louder. Then the Toa saw the source: a pair of massive scorpions crawling among the tobmstones.
One lashed out, its tail moving at surprising speed. It hooked onto Pohatu's Mask, ripping it off.
Did they do that to enhance their own powers, like our first attackers, Kopaka thought, or was it simply because Pohatu was there first?
He knew how to answer this question. He fired several large ice crystals at the scorpions. The one holding the mask lashed out with its tail, smashing the ice. The other simply dodged the largest ones, ignoring the small ice pieces.
"Question answered," Kopaka said. "Gali, shoot that thing's tail with your power, as hard as possible."
Gali seemed confused, but she fired as Kopaka said. The water hit the thing's tail, and the stone-hard tail softened. The Mask slipped from its grasp, flying out backwards. Lewa flew over the two scorpions and grabbed the Mask.
"Stone is weak to water," Kopaka said. "Gali, do you think you can defeat these two?"
"I can hold them off," Gali said. "Hurry. Find Ekimu!"

"Be careful," Pohatu said. "There's more where those guys came from."
"Look!" Lewa said. "The Mask images on that building! I'll bet that's where Ekimu is." Eagerly, Lewa charged ahead.
"Lewa, wait!" Pohatu shouted. "You don't know what's--"
A figure leapt out of the building. This one had four arms, three of which held swords, and it also resembled a rotting zombie. The fourth arm had a chain with a claw at the end, which it flung forward at surprising speed. The claw latched onto Lewa's Mask, tearing it off, and the four-armed figure grabbed it.
"I told you to be careful," Pohatu said.
The four-armed figure charged toward the Toa, swinging its swords wildly.
"I'm sick of this," Onua said. "Seems there's only one of this guy." Onua stepped forward. As the slicer leapt at him, Onua swung his hammer, smashing into the thing. It dropped Lewa's Mask. Onua raised his hammer again and smashed the slicer into the ground.
"Well, that was easy," Pohatu said. He glanced around, looking for more of the creature, but there were none to be seen.
Onua picked up Lewa's Mask and tossed it back to him. "Try not to lose that again. We need all our powers to face these monsters."
"Keep an eye out for more of those things," Pohatu said. "Let's check out that building."
"We don't have time for caution," Lewa said. "The others are facing those guys alone."
"If we fall, there will be no one to help them," Onua said.

The building turned out to be a large arena. Warriors had fought here once, while others watched. Onua could not imagine the concept of people fighting for others' entertainment. He began to wonder if the seemingly innocent protectors were darker than they seemed. There was no sign of Ekimu, and the Toa could feel that he was not here.
"That building," Onua said. "It looks like an anvil. That has to be where Ekimu is."
"Something else is there too," Pohatu said. "Something powerful, and very evil."
As if on cue, a creature came out of the building. It weilded two giant axes, and had large horns. Like the others, it was a zombie skeleton.
"He's not the tough one here," Pohatu said. "Onua, smash him."
"Gladly," Onua said, stepping forward. The zombie creature took a step forward as well, and a shaft of moonlight hit its horn. Kopaka realized what color the hors were.
"Onua, get away from that thing!" Kopaka shouted.
His warning did the opposite of what he had hoped. Onua was distracted by it, and the monster hooked Onua's mask with its axe and tore it off. It grabbed the mask, and the bridge began to rumble as it roared, its own earth power enhanced by the Mask of Earth.
"Great," Kopaka muttered. "Lewa, help me destroy this guy before he destroys our way to that temple."
Lewa charged forward, just as Kopaka had expected him to do. He prepared to attack, only for the monster to bash him aside like a harmless bug. Then it turned to face Kopaka.
But Kopaka wasn't there.
Using Lewa as a distraction, Kopaka had snuck behind the creature. He fired a freezing blast at the thing, and it roared, but its earth powers were not strong enough to break the ice. The Ice completely covered both the monster and the mask it held.
This was not a problem. Onua smashed the ice easily with his hammer. The problem was that now the mask was flying off the edge of the bridge.
"Lewa, get it!" Pohatu shouted.
He didn't need to. Lewa was already moving to retrieve the mask, and barely got it before it fell out of reach.
"There's still someone in there," Pohatu said, pointing at the temple. "Someone more powerful than all of these guys, and very evil."
"We'll deal with it, whatever it is," Kopaka said. "That's what Toa do."
"How?" Lewa said. "We've barely beaten these guys, and they've gotten stronger as we go. Plus we're short two Toa."
"Perhaps he's right," Onua said. "We need to find Ekimu."
"All right, then stealth is the key," Pohatu said.
Onua chuckled. "I guess that means Lewa will have to stay outside."
"Hey!" Lewa said. "I can be quieter than any of you lumblers."
"Enough talk," Pohatu said. "Tahu and Gali are counting on us. Let's do this."


Nice interpretation of Bionicle Gen2's 2015 Summer Story!
But Skull Warrior has a spear instead of a sword.


Not bad, not bad at all. I'm really looking forward to the books now.


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