Bionicle 2015. why are the protectors abandoning villages

I have one question about the new 2015 story. why do the protectors leave there villages defenseless to go off with the toa. i realize the toa would need help finding the masks and lego would need to advertise the protectors as cool characters but if there protectors left there villages it would allow the L.O.S.S. (lord of skull spiders) the perfect time to assault the villages and cause a mess of things. so if it is for making the protectors look cool and important couldn't lego just as easily had the protectors fight back episode about the protectors defending there villages while the toa go off to find there masks based off a map that the protectors gave them. L.O.S.S. being realy stupid in not striking the villages at the opportune time or L.O.S.S. and it's skull spiders being tasked with looking for the masks are the only circumstances in the villages being safe from the wrath of the skull spiders, but who knows about the new threat. if this were to be discussed on the podcast that would be great. also if you have any thoughts on this please reply to the topic. thanks from Mekitu, the chronicler, from Australia


I would assume that they have some form of military force, similar to the ta-koro guard, to protect the villages.


Given that the Protector of Fire ws seen hunched over in a robe until Tahu showed up, I'd guess that the Ta-Koro Guard equivalent villagers do most of the protecting.


Going to echo these.

  1. Who said the other villagers can't help themselves for the time being.
  2. The Protectors know where the golden masks are.

That's like saying why didn't Norik help the Hordika to find Keetongu.


Because the protectors are actually secretly aligned with the skull spiders and they're simply using the search for the golden masks as an excuse to let their villages get destroyed.



I wouldn't say they're abandoning their villages. If anything, them going off on this "quest" for the Toa will help the villages in the long run. Also, as others have said previously, who says the regular villagers aren't able to defend themselves from LOSS's skeletal minions?

BTW, @Mekitu, I recommend you try using proper punctuation and paragraphs in the future. It would make your posts much easier to read. smile