Bionicle 2015's "Characters"

So after thy success of the first topic just about the place where 2015 happens and is about it's time to start talking about the things that live in that atmosphere and what they do. Personally I think the characters could be a little more fleshed out but like Meso says "Were only 4 months in"(ur mam) but I think they're okay for now but when the story grows you gotta have your characters grow with it ya know. But it doesn't matter what I think. Just discuss. Mkay?

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I hope they stay with the original cast as much as they can, just to flesh them out more. This is why favorite Toa team for many people were the Toa Mata.

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I see where your coming from, But I always liked the freshness of a new toa team ya know.

books must flesh them out, from the title "island of lost masks" it seems it will be covering the winter wave, so yeah that's what I hope will give us more character time (and world building for that matter)

i want to know the genders of the protectors now


Genderless (Just with Male and Female silhouettes), all of them, if they are created in the same way as the G1 Matorans.

they have kids

But are they created in the same way as Matoran were? If they are, then they are genderless.

werent matoran made from a machine? so they didnt have sons and daughters(speaking of son, we know the PoF's kid is a dude)

where have you been?

"the protectors masks are passed down through generations from father to son"
or something like that anyway.


They need to show more...of them ALL! we need to know names, genders' backstories, THE HOLE THING!.


Well, the backstory of the male gender is... /s/s/s

But I agree with this. I wish at least the Protectors got names. Not as many named villagers as in MNOG/2 (because honestly, some of them were just a name and only said one thing to you, or their only relevance was a single quest.)


I think the new Bionicle books will fully develop the toa and possibly the LoSS and the skull warriors and many of the other villians that will probably be out in 2016 and 2017.


We all hope.

I hope in 2016 we can see at least 1 more named character, excluding makuta.

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The basic character traits listed on the website are not set in stone, as such they have no real idea how to best develop the characters. I suppose part of the idea was testing certain aspects via the Winter animations and the website descriptions and seeing what resonates with fans.

As such, the summer animations will likely be when we start getting more character development to an extent because from the interviews with Merlin they will apparently have decided how the characters should be developed at that stage. Part of me questions whether the books were written prior to the decision on how the characters could act, which may mean that they will act differently to how we see in the summer animations.

While granted we are only '4 months in' like Meso says, when compared to other new lines this is definitely far behind in terms of character development. Compare the new Bionicle series with Elves for example, which has a ton of well-developed characters and that was only after a month or so of being introduced thanks to a single episode animation.

Just a lot could have been done, instead the situation is that things wont change till the summer animations and even that might not be fully set in stone and might change in 2016.

(Also seen quite a few people describing Elves as 'Bionicle for girls' which does seem to be the general consensus of the line, with strong world building, character development and other aspects Bionicle had prior)


We have basic... Ideas of what the characters are like based on what little Mr. Mann could fit into the screenwriting of the animations. To me, they seem rather archetypal, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. With a team that big, there are a number of dynamics possible among the six.

I dare say they're a more interesting bunch than the HF crowd :p


I dont think you know how procreation works.

Um... why would you assume that?

Father to son

if they were created by machine, then they wouldn't consider each other father and son
Plus, it is shown the protectors can grow, as indicated by the child protector