Bionicle 2016 Artwork

Hello, I’m continuing this discussion form Bionicle 2016 villages I kind of messed up on creating this topic, so sorry about that. @BlueCel Made the Bionicle 2016 villages topic and I felt like there could be a broader drawing area than just the villages of Okoto. You can make the landscapes, the characters, your own month posters, basically whatever you want in 2016! Feel free to post appropriate artwork and please respect others creations. Hope that you all will have fun. :wink:


Art it’s nice


I am reminded of Empire strikes back with Vader in the Cave


Did you draw this? It’s incredible! {Thank you for contributing}

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Umarak’s mask seems a bit tribal. I like it that way.

Does the 2016 part really apply? I mean, the regions were there last year and they will probably stay next year. Shouldn’t this either be general 2016 art or regional art?

Um yes hold on let me change the name.

I would LOVE to see an artwork of the six toa as they taking a selfie of their new upgraded body with the annoyed looking Ekimu in the background. Who’s with me? :smile:

looking at @BlueCel Please…?

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Sorry, that one Eljay in his dungeon pic took a lot of time, and I’m working on the Okoto backgrounds.

I will be adding my own artwork soon!

There is a topic for art that goes from any year at all, I could link you if you want.

and @anon29977764 please do post the artist that made that drawing, because that picture was not made by you, I’ve seen it in deviant art before, I do not remember the artist though. Anyway, please post the source to give credit to the artist.

Um… so, my artwork of all six creatures will be up soon. I have 2 down and 4 to go. Done so far: Terak, Melum.

Here’s some Umarak fanart for y’all.

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Hey dude, you need to give credit to the art you’ve posted here. Not putting a source is basically plagiarism unless you really don’t know the source.


Could someone post something please?

Okay, is it for an updated drawing? Double posting for updates in an art topic is okay.

Who are you talking to?

He is talking to you mate.

@Chronicler I never double posted. :frowning: :frowning:

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Bro…he is saying you CAN double post here, it’s your topic.

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