Bionicle 201X Shatterd Mask: Shiverburn MOC

Bionicle shattered mask: Shiverburn


the Idea I had was simple create something that has fire and ice. and I'm happy with the result. I gave myself the limitation of only using CCBS wich shows because i ran out of parts when I came to the wings.

Shatterd Mask
shatterd mask is a story I came up with that fits in the new bionicle universe, so it is completely unofficial ofcourse.

The story:
Prior to the creation of the Mask of Ultimate Power. Makuta had already tried to make a mask. However the mask was unstable and shattered into 3 pieces. His evil plan to create the Mask of Ultimate Power failed. He threw away the pieces so Ekimu wouldn't find out. These pieces filled with elemental powers started to mutate and formed 3 giant monsters. the first was an incredibly strong monster that lives in the waters of Okoto with the power of earth and water. the second A giant poisones and toxic frog who lives in the swamp with the power of jungle and stone. and the last and strongest a giant 2 headed beast who lives in the mountains of Okoto. he has the power of fire and ice and wields the staff of dominance. The lord of skull spiders stole the most important piece of his staff wich later would become the mask of skull spiders. The toa Masters will have to destroy these power hungry monsters to restore safety to the island.

so I tried to fit shiverburn and the other 2 MOC's into the bionicle universe and I think it could be a cool side story.
I will post the other 2 mocs later of wich one is still WIP

Shiverburn with the staff of dominance:


Um. Whoa. THAT THING IS HUGE! How tall is it exactly?

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That. Is. Awesome.

I'm going to guess about 2 feet tall.



The green seems unneccessary, and the wings could use some work.

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As impressive as the sheer size and build looks messy. There is barely any flow in armor placement. I understand that you want to create contrast between both halves of the body, but it's asymetrical to the point where it just looks ugly. Try mirroring both halves by having the same pieces but in different colours instead of using completely different pieces. Personally, I think that it would benefit from shrinking to a slightly smaller scale...

Also, the body needs to be longer to fit with the huge legs and arms, and the chest piece doesn't suffice for convincing pecs for how large it's torso is.

Props for giving him nice fire and ice detailing tho.

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looks taller then a ruler..... nice

Dang... open_mouth

I think around 44cm so something around 17.3 inches

I am with Rockho.

Quite the CCBS MOC, but a lot of is seems a tad thrown together. Still, for its size, it's impressive.


Wonder if it'll rival @Payinku 's teridax...

this is a fair bit taller, and bulkier, but less cohesive.

I don't know why you singled out my teridax though,
I meant for it to be big, but not colossus big.

this is colossus big.


Meh. I could've also brought up the giant cordak nui , but anyway the moc itself is cool

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Impressive. For a large moc, he is pretty solid with not to many gaps. 8.8/10

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It's big... but as a MOC isn't really all that great. It looks messy, cluttered and all over the place... I feel it could heavily benefit from a more interesting concept than just being a giant dragon... 4/10

that's pretty fantastic

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Great creation! It reminds me of Slizer combiners in a way.

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Wow! You predicted the summer 2016 storyline a year in advance!

As much as I admire those who build big… it’s really hard to make a cohesive design. I admit that even I can’t do that.

This MOC could’ve been great, if it wasn’t a messy design.